Friday, March 9, 2012

Tell You How Does An Air Humidifier Work

I’ve been planing to buy an air humidifier for months. Before buying I looked up some introduction. Just decide which type is more suitable. I suppose these information will helps you too. Now let share it.

Air Humidifier Working Principle
Alternating AC current into DC current through the transformer buck rectifier
Alternating DC current into high frequency AC current through oscillator circuit
Transfering this high frequency AC current to the ultrasonic atomization head (ceramic oscillator) in the humidifier to generate a force.
Distort the ceramic resonator by the force to make it output tcorresponding voltage and current to atomize the water.
Spreading atomized mist by a fan to humidify the air.

It's just like to put a tuning fork into the water and make the water shock splashes spray. The difference is this mist generated by ultrasonic atomization head is very subtle by a much bigger power.

Types of Air Humidifiers and selection methods:
The humidifier can be divided into three categories: pure evaporation type, ultrasonic and thermal evaporation type.

Pure evaporation type humidifier can not see the fog. Its advantage is there is to limit of water quality and very low power consumption. But it is noisy.

Ultrasonic type is the most popular used type. Its advantages is big humidification volume, low power consumption and long life. Disadvantage is it requires high quality water. It will produce a white powder when water quality is not good.