Monday, March 19, 2012

Digital Video Memo Recorder+ Fridge Magnet/Built-in Video Camera And 1.4 Inch LCD Screen

Do you have the habit of writing a small piece of paper to give the family a message or leave your family warm words? Now with the digital video memo recorder, you never need to write your message or warm words in paper, then stick on the door, on the fridge, or on desk... Now when you want to go out, but have something to tell your family or friends, just left this digital video memo recorder directly to your family or friends with video message, it can record what you want to say with your vivid expression, the back of the product is built- in magnets, so it can stick on the refrigerator or other metal objects stably. It can pass the infinite tenderness and care with of sound.

This digital video memo recorder is built-in lithium battery, charging by USB connection, charge time is about 2-3 hours. The indicator shows red in the charging process, if the indicator is no longer light, it means the battery is full. Fully charged lithium battery can work about 40 minutes, and its standby is up to one week and you can record a video message and play video after you fully charged. Please do not desperately charge, do not deliberately waste the power then charge again.
This digital video memo recorderis built-in 300,000 pixel camera, recording up to 30 seconds, in excess of 30 seconds of recording, the system will automatically stop recording and automatically save the video and the video of the output video format is AVI.

The back of the product is built- in magnets. Please remember to stick the memo to any metal surface such as refrigerators when you leave the house after you complete the recording, so your family can see what you want to express.

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