Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clap-stick Shaped Electric Clock

There is a question: do you have a clock at home or office? I think there is no doubt that everybody will answer "Yes". Another question: do you have a special clock different from the traditional ones? Maybe most of the people can't confirm if their clcok is with special design. But if I own a clap-stick shaped electric clock, I can be proud to answer "My clock is absolutely special and different from the traditional ones"

Why this clap-stick shaped electric clock is special? Frist, it seems special and unique because of its untraditional appearance, at the frist sight of this clap-stick shaped electric clock, you may think it's a clap-stick used by a movie director, then you will start to imagine many scenes of making a film and feel fresh about this gadget, cuz not verybody can casually watch scene of making film, generally speaking we only saw it from TV before. But if someone tell you that you can take it home cuz it's very useful for your everyday life, you may feel marvellous. But after you found its real function, you will suddenly be enlightened that you do need it everyday.

Then the clap-stick shaped electric clock is not only a wall clock, but also a table clock. This clap-stick shaped electric clock is buit-in wall mount and desktop hinge, so not only you can hang it on wall, also you can put it on your table, but cuz its size is much larger than traditional clock (its size is 185x225x26 mm), maybe you need to specially prepare a big table to place it.

Moreover, the clap-stick shaped electric clock displays time officially, even you can see the second's changing showing in the screen. And it shows hour, minute, second, deci-second, day, month, year with red striking digit in the black clock screen. So its easy-reading display mode is suitable for everybody.

After these introduction, I suppose many people want to own this clap-stick shaped electric clock, so he can experience the feeling of a director with this real special clock.

Model No. H40392

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