Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Share the information of Retro Digital Flip Page Gear Clock

This retro digital flip page gear clock is a primitive gadget for displaying time, not by a pointer or LCD screen to display time, but with sports game scoreboard's display method to display time. When the time transforms, it is continuously updated by page turning through its internal mechanism, that's why it's called the flip clock.

This retro digital flip page gear clock at the earliest appeared in the 1930s, the people were very fond of it and spent 30 years to improve its internal principle then it was all the rage of that time, but later on withdrew from the stage caused by the reform of digital clock. However, in recent years, constantly from the America drama, Japanese drama series and music MV, we can see this retro digital flip page gear clock always appear to highlight the film effects, that make this retro digital flip page gear clock popular once again.

Time display has other presentation  in addition to ticking. The retro digital flip page gear clock subverts the concept of displaying time by the traditional pointer type dial  and by LED screen of modern period. It will remind you the time passed by fliping over one and one time page, the page of the left side  shows hours, and the page of the right side shows minutes, the page will quietly flip over by every minute.By turning of every page reinterpret the beautiful model from the time changing between Past, Now and Future. The metal texture of the modern atmosphere is in line with the pursuit of niche consumer fashion taste of modern people.

Classic new scales leg seat shape has electronic flip mode and stylish metallic finish to create a retro-type scales flip stand clock with minimalist design and metallic texture. Put aside the traditional pointer movement and pressure, the excitement and uniqueness of the  retro digital flip page gear clock is not only a personal collection but also a new technology decorations of generation!

Model No. H40391
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