Monday, February 27, 2012

Which one to choose---Cheap ordinary Car GPS Nevigation, or expensive multifunctional GPS

Nowadays, there are usually two kinds of GPS in automotive aftermarket. One is the traditional car GPS navigator, it is an external one which is a very common set in the cars, and usually its function is simple. The other is multifunctional GPS, which comes with many other functions, such as DVD player, radio, steering wheel control, Bluetooth, rear view camera or even with making a phone call, and usually this GPS refers to those DVD player with GPS navigation, and obviously it is much more complicated than the another one--Traditional GPS Nevigation.

Before purchase a GPS Navigation System, you'd better visit some online retailers or nearby stores, as the saying goes: shop around, there is always a best. Want to buy a multifunctional GPS but have no large budget? So why don't you have a try online? Car GPS in online stores, especially in some Chinese e-commerce web sites like ComeToDeal are usually relatively cheap. Maybe you are lucky to easily find the item you prefer to at a cheaper price.

In terms of price, comparing the two kinds of GPS, and it doesn't take much imagination to guess that the second kind of GPS will cost you a lot more money than the other kind. But both of them can not only guide you the right way, but also could give you your trip information, such as your car's location, distance remaining, time remaining, arrival time, and speed limit and so on. Those could ensure your driving safety. So which one to choose?

Plan to buy a car GPS, firstly determine how much you want to spend or pay for the car GPS for your auto based on your personal financial situation, this will help you narrow down your choices and also help consumers avoid over-spending when buying a GPS navigation system.

Then make clear your needs, different people has different functional requirements of car GPS. People who always drive with kids, or people who always have long journey might choose the multifunctional GPS navigation. They could watch movie, TV, listen to the music or radio, kids could play some games. If you just need the basic and original feature of car GPS, the simple and cheap one is enough. Accuracy of location and travel routes are the most important features of a GPS Navigation System. Before purchasing a GPS, no matter which one you choose, check for it. However, we would give you suggestions as much as possible if it's needed for you, feel free to contact COMETODEAL Team.

Just relax yourself with various electronic gadgets

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Splendid choices are provided for you, I believe you could find what's really usful to you.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Magic Pyramid Clock


Big Size: 9.5X9.5X14.8CM

Color: Black, Yellow, Red

Magic Pyramid Clock, display the time in a animation way. Traditional clocks and watches have fixed numbers and pointers are moving and point to numbers to display the time. Different from traditional clocks this clock just works on the contrary. Numbers are moving and pointer is fixed. There is only one pointer and it stays at bottom part. We read time from just 1 point. Numbers in second floor display hours; numbers in third floor display minutes and tower top display moving seconds. Now lets read time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

China-made has changed into Worldwide-made

There are some promotion or the discount coupons that will save you money on top electronics at some online stores. If you purchase from the right electronic stores online, you will get rewards that will end up saving you loads of cash in terms of discounts. You really don't have be a smart shopper to get the best electronic deals available. The secret is visiting a website that has already compiled a list of the best computers, cameras, hdtvs, tablets, and other electronics in online electronic stores by going through various customer reviews and promotion codes on your behalf.

We China has right now been targeted because the world's factory as they quite simply produce almost all sorts of electronic products at extremely lower cost than anywhere else on the earth. The major highlight of Chinese electronic industry is the fact that almost everything is due to low cost, starting from low human resources cost into a low corporate levy burden. This subsequently helps every leading production centers within China employ cheap labor and nonetheless produce superb excellent products.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to choose a good and cheap Chinese tablet

Popular Chinese Tablet
How to choose a good and cheap Chinese tablet
Tablet PC is a very convenient and smart high-tech portable device. It helps you to get valuable information in a fast way. Smart phone can get the same information, but the screen is too small. Small screen is out now. Compared with popular Ipad, Chinese MID tablet has same function and much cheaper price. Chinese tablet will be more and more popular. People believe 1 penny, 1 product. Yes, it's true. Then how to get a good and cheap Chinese tablet? ComeToDeal would like to share with you some point of view:


1). Screen size:it has 7" and 10" standard sizes. Both sizes have its advantages and disadvantages. First of all lets talk about 10" size. If you like a bigger size screen and would like to choose a 10" tablet, then weight is a factor to consider. For example, 10" Ipad, it's 680g. With left hand takes Ipad, right hand operate. Just after a few minutes, hand will get tired. It's not suitable for long time use. You can also put tablet on your knees, this makes you comfortable and it is the only way to get rid of heavy load. Big screen, high resolution. It's advantage of 10" size. Normal resolution is 1024x600. Most of internet pages could be read in a complete page. Keyboard area is bigger too. You can easily touch type. While advantage of 7" size is its light weight. It's just half of 10"'s, 300-400g. It's smart in hand and operate fastly and more convenient. Normal resolution of 7" is 800x480,pages can not be displayed in 1 complete page. It needs to be reduced size then display in 1 page.
Capacitor touch screen or non-capacitor touch screen? Most of screens are non-capacitor touch screen. It is operated by fingers. Mid and low end tablets use non-Capacitor touch screen. Most of people choose a cost-saving way. For high profile tablet, capacitor touch screen makes the wholesale operation more smooth. Costs of capacitor touch screen and non-capacitor touch screen have sharp difference, which is caused by different deman. Very few people choose capacitor touch screen tablet because of expensive cost.

2). Hardwares:you can choose by your own way of use. Faster operation means more expensive cost. We do not recommend you that the faster, the better. If you have enough money, of course iPad is your idea choice. You don't bother to think so much. If you like to read news, blog, ebooks more, then ROCKCHIP2808 solution is enough for use. It's a bit slow in net surfing, but it's acceptable. If you like watching videos,then you ned to consider video resolution. ROCKCHIP2808 supports up to 720P. While some higher chips, like Samsung S3C6410,yet supports  up to 480P(720x480).

3). Stand-by time:stand-by is important. The longer, the better. Most favorable choice is 5 hours stand-by time. ARM consumes low energy. It's not difficult to get this standard. Never buy a tablet which stand-by time is just 2 hours.

Why google and yahoo have such changes--COMETODEAL Team

Yesterday is the presient'd day in USA, however, google and yahoo did not come out a logo for the special day, maybe everybody konws that, when It comes to a fesitval, there is an exclusive design or logo or theme in google and yahoo, just like the passed chinese spring fesitival, or the Saint Valentine's Day, We guess why, theoretically speaking, they shuold give out ones as waht they did before.

But other search engines just presented logos and woderful designs for them,
such as Bing from Microsoft,  look as photo below:

and such as the

and of course, I find more images for you: also offers splendid theme:

We can imagine why google and yahoo did not show their unique?
who can answer? 
Of course, what I said here just represent my own pointview, TEAMWORK with COMETODEAL.COM

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where to find more new electronic gadgets

Gadget nowadays like fish and chip, always get news about it everyday, the absolute marvelous new tech right now become old in couple of days and it happen like chain cycle. 

However gadget will make people life easier if everything goes right to your need. Lets call that you not a high tech geek with glasses that lurk everything about gadget in library. so where can you find the suitable gadgets in the world of electronics world?  I think for the first, you should keep in mind that you have the rules for your seaching in the internet or in the bazaar,

First, you should know that, the most fashionable ones would bot be your like. Don't just go with the trend, choose what you like , but not what is in trend now

Then you should keep in mind that there is no experts in the way of search the needed electronics gadgets in the market, no one knows what you need at all, just follow your heart

Third, I said that we should not just follow others, but we should just keep ourselves updated with the market, maybe you think what I said was self-contradiction, I just streessed that knowing more and keep yourself always in the flow of new trends things, the style, the design idea, and the competetive price, and so on.

We  team would just keep updated with your pace, to know what you need, to get what you want , to meet what you think, We are here waiting.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

You choose the electronics cigarette or electronics gagdets

Electronic cigarette safety starts with the atomizer. The atomizer is the small part that screws into the electronic cigarette battery and connect the electronic cigarette cartridge to the atomizer. This atomizer heats up to convert the liquid nicotine in the electronic cigarette cartridge into the water vapor that is inhaled. Electronic cigarette safety is knowing that this heats up and could get hot. You should never continuously drag or inhale the electronic cigarette because this will cause the atomizer to stay hot and potentially melt the cartridge. You should only take a drag when you feel the urge to smoke. Using the electronic cigarette sparingly is good electronic cigarette safety and will actually make your cartridges last longer.

Remember these two important electronic cigarette safety point. If you would like to know more electronic cigarette safety facts.

There are tons, and tons, and even more tons, of electronic cigarettes out on the internet, in kiosks, and on TV, but who has the best electronic cigarettes?