Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to choose a good and cheap Chinese tablet

Popular Chinese Tablet
How to choose a good and cheap Chinese tablet
Tablet PC is a very convenient and smart high-tech portable device. It helps you to get valuable information in a fast way. Smart phone can get the same information, but the screen is too small. Small screen is out now. Compared with popular Ipad, Chinese MID tablet has same function and much cheaper price. Chinese tablet will be more and more popular. People believe 1 penny, 1 product. Yes, it's true. Then how to get a good and cheap Chinese tablet? ComeToDeal would like to share with you some point of view:


1). Screen size:it has 7" and 10" standard sizes. Both sizes have its advantages and disadvantages. First of all lets talk about 10" size. If you like a bigger size screen and would like to choose a 10" tablet, then weight is a factor to consider. For example, 10" Ipad, it's 680g. With left hand takes Ipad, right hand operate. Just after a few minutes, hand will get tired. It's not suitable for long time use. You can also put tablet on your knees, this makes you comfortable and it is the only way to get rid of heavy load. Big screen, high resolution. It's advantage of 10" size. Normal resolution is 1024x600. Most of internet pages could be read in a complete page. Keyboard area is bigger too. You can easily touch type. While advantage of 7" size is its light weight. It's just half of 10"'s, 300-400g. It's smart in hand and operate fastly and more convenient. Normal resolution of 7" is 800x480,pages can not be displayed in 1 complete page. It needs to be reduced size then display in 1 page.
Capacitor touch screen or non-capacitor touch screen? Most of screens are non-capacitor touch screen. It is operated by fingers. Mid and low end tablets use non-Capacitor touch screen. Most of people choose a cost-saving way. For high profile tablet, capacitor touch screen makes the wholesale operation more smooth. Costs of capacitor touch screen and non-capacitor touch screen have sharp difference, which is caused by different deman. Very few people choose capacitor touch screen tablet because of expensive cost.

2). Hardwares:you can choose by your own way of use. Faster operation means more expensive cost. We do not recommend you that the faster, the better. If you have enough money, of course iPad is your idea choice. You don't bother to think so much. If you like to read news, blog, ebooks more, then ROCKCHIP2808 solution is enough for use. It's a bit slow in net surfing, but it's acceptable. If you like watching videos,then you ned to consider video resolution. ROCKCHIP2808 supports up to 720P. While some higher chips, like Samsung S3C6410,yet supports  up to 480P(720x480).

3). Stand-by time:stand-by is important. The longer, the better. Most favorable choice is 5 hours stand-by time. ARM consumes low energy. It's not difficult to get this standard. Never buy a tablet which stand-by time is just 2 hours.

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