Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why google and yahoo have such changes--COMETODEAL Team

Yesterday is the presient'd day in USA, however, google and yahoo did not come out a logo for the special day, maybe everybody konws that, when It comes to a fesitval, there is an exclusive design or logo or theme in google and yahoo, just like the passed chinese spring fesitival, or the Saint Valentine's Day, We guess why, theoretically speaking, they shuold give out ones as waht they did before.

But other search engines just presented logos and woderful designs for them,
such as Bing from Microsoft,  look as photo below:

and such as the dogpile.com

and of course, I find more images for you:

ask.com also offers splendid theme:

We can imagine why google and yahoo did not show their unique?
who can answer? 
Of course, what I said here just represent my own pointview, TEAMWORK with COMETODEAL.COM

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