Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bargains of Cheap pearl jewelry selection at online store

Cheap Pearl jewelry items may be available in many different forms that can range from necklaces, to bracelets and earrings and they may be offered for in a wide range of prices, that can be as little as $1.00 to over $10,000. Trying to understand the pricing structure can be confusing, unless you have inside knowledge of how the industry operates. The situation applies not only to cheap pearl jewelry, but to other jewelry items as well. It is easy to find pearls at what can seem to be competitive prices, but some knowledge is needed to appreciate the pricing.
Knowing about the quality and the various types of pearls are important but what may be more important is to determine how and where to find out how the prices are applied to the cheap pearl jewelry that is found online and in virtual stores. Knowing a bit more about pearls, may help to understand how the pricing structure is derived.
There are at least 4 different pearl types, and they are evaluated and graded differently in an alphabetic system that uses the A letter to denote quality. The finest quality pearls are classified as triple A. These gems may be considered as clean and flawless, with high nacre, that makes the outer coating very lustrous and iridescent. One of the best places to learn more about pearls, may be on the Internet, where you can browse, at your leisure, through many of the resources of virtual stores, without sale pressure.

Freshwater cultured pearls are perhaps the least expensive of the various types of pearls. They come in various colours and are the pearls that are most commonly sold in the US and in other regions around the world. This is probably due to the wider availability.

Akoya pearls are also widely known, but to a lesser degree. They all posses a brilliant white colour, with a thick nacre, and very popular among lovers of classic jewelry. Akoya cultured seawater pearls that are widely known to have the brilliant white color classic appeal with thick nacre. These types are very popular among jewelry lovers, as they normally have highest lustre of all cultured pearls.

Tahitian pearls are unique. They are grown in the Tahitian French Polynesian islands, and come in a sweet and seductive black color, with overtones that can range to a grey metal finish, or to a pistachio colour, and anywhere in-between.
South Sea pearls are perhaps the most valued of all pearls. They are currently grown throughout some regions in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, mainly in Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanma. They have several unique characteristics that may be responsible for them being so highly valued. The nacre is relatively thick,and can range from 2 - 6 mm, which is almost 10 times thicker than those of the akoya pearl.

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