Friday, March 8, 2013

Tips For Preparing For CDA interviews

Most dental schools in Canada have adopted the structured interview format created by the Canadian Dental Association. If you are a dental school applicant, it is vital for you to find out as much as you can about this process. The following is a quick overview of CDA interviews.

Competency based interviews are different from traditional interviews. This is because they are designed for the overall assessment of the individual instead of focusing on achievements and future objectives. The format consists of a number of questions that are used to evaluate the non-cognitive qualities of the individual. All the students will respond to the same set of questions from the list developed by the Canadian Dental Association.

It is vital to know that these questions are not intended to test your knowledge in dentistry. The objective is to assess your thought process as well as your ability to translate your knowledge into different situations. Your answers may not be exactly wrong or right. The most important thing is to ensure that they are properly structured.

A list of seven questions is created every year by the CDA for the evaluation of candidates. Each of these questions is intended to assess one of the 7 competencies that are required for success in the field of dentistry. The seven competencies are communication, conscientiousness, integrity, judgment and analysis, self-control, sensitivity to others as well as tact and diplomacy.
Proper preparation is necessary if you want to achieve the ultimate goal of gaining admission into dental school. Your performance during the structured interview will be determined by your level of preparation. The most effective way to prepare is to think about the type of questions that you will be asked.
Look at each of the competencies and think about related personal experiences that you have had. These should be experiences that will demonstrate that you have the right type of attributes. Practice integrating these vital characteristics into the answers that you will provide. When you relate your personal experiences, make sure that the details are properly described so that the interviewer can easily understand the context.

Many students may find it difficult to respond to CDA structured interview questions in a logical manner because of the time constraints. This is why it is vital to search for sample questions and mock interviews that will enable you to gain some experience. You can find these resources if you search on the internet.

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