Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lantern Festival and the best get-together

The Lantern Festival is traditional festival, tangyuan has become the necessary dessert for that days. For the friends who have the cardiovascular disease, they should not eat too much glutinous rice balls in particular; tangyuan should not be treated as breakfast.

Different people should choose the different get-together.
At the Lantern Festival, but I should remind that people should pay attention to eat the tangyuan to avoid it choked throat or trachea. Due to the rice balls contains high amounts of sugar, in addition to peanuts, sesame seeds, fresh meat contains high-fat and high-calorie, so that people must eat less, and do not eat too much.

Peels of the rice balls regards the glutinous rice flour as ingredients, which has high viscosity and non-digestible. For the people who do not have the poor gastrointestinal function, the elderly and children should pay attention to edible rice balls to avoid indigestion or swallowing hinder. There are many varieties of rice balls stuffed, which has high content. It will affect the chronically ill patient's condition. In addition, sweet filling often cause elevated blood glucose; peanut, sesame and red bean paste will aggravate the condition of patients with kidney disease. So they should pay attention to overweight or hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes, are not excessive intake containing large amounts of fats and sugar, rice balls; gout patients, high-fat foods will affect the excretion of uric acid, increased the possibility of recurrence of gout.

Rice balls should not be treated as breakfast.
In Lantern Festival, many families have the rice balls, and many people want to stay them until the next morning to make breakfast. The most content of rice balls are carbohydrates and fat, but the protein, minerals and dietary fiber is little. This breakfast did not meet the nutritional needs of people all morning.

The best time to eat the rice balls is noon.
This time, people have the strongest gastrointestinal function, and there is sufficient time to digest the excessive heat inside the rice balls. Many people with diabetes are interested in sugar-free rice balls; because of they do not think they can eat. Even in the lantern festival, people with diabetes should pay attention to eat the rice balls.

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