Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sharing The Best Designed Newfrog website with Magento

Magento was introduced in 2008. Within this short span of time it has created a mark for itself and captured the ecommerce market. Now thousands of online ecommerce web stores are based on Magento platforms.

Magento means a rich solution to implement the perfect ecommerce store. It includes shopping cart, catalog management, search and administration functions also. Magento is an open source e-Commerce platform built on Zend frame work. Magento is most suitable to develop small and medium size online business.
Magento is quite flexible and allows us to alter the prevailing features and modify them into new ones. It has many excellent features which attract the retailers. Magento has some of the most amazing features such as multi store functionality, easy integration, live currency updates, well define clear codes, highly customizable, huge spreadsheet import and much more. One of its important feature is it is SEO friendly.

The Magento Ecommerce Platform combines the flexibility of open-source technology with industry leading features to provide merchants unprecedented control over online store operations and get the online sales booming. Online retailers who manage to pay for their own websites always prefer Magento for Ecommerce websites.
Magneto’s open-source E-commerce platform is emerging as the most popular ecommerce solutions available and is a great tool for most web requirements. Now a day, Magento Web shopping carts are famous globally and are first choice of the Ecommerce merchants as well as the users of these sites. Magento is very popular due to the following features.

As it is an open source it requires no license or initial investment to start.
It works to fix things and add new features to them.
It supports multiple languages.
It adds new look to the existing content.
Available with reputed companies at cost affordable rates.

Sharing some cool gadgets  for your better online shopping!


  1. Magento is really great platform for creating awesome online store.

    1. yeah, and magento is best suitable for e-commerce online store, better than Zen cart, I think!