Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birthday gift for kids-Innovative Cute Coin Stealing Cat Money Box

I am sure that every adult know about the importance of money clearly, however, does every youngster understands the importance of money? The answer is definitely not. Maybe there are some children who have such a good habit to save money in daily life, because they know that their parents work so hard to make money. But still there are many of other children, who do not realize the importance of saving money, and they just think that money is just like a piece of paper, as long as you need money and the money will fly to your hands with the wind. Do you think it's a right way of kids education? No one will agree with you. So you need such a Tom cat money box for your kids. No matter your family is rich enough or not, I think it is also important to tell your child that to save money is a kind of military. So at the very time, I want to bring a good gift to your child, which is an innovative cute coin stealing cat money box. The money drawer brings fun to kids and it makes kids like to save money through this cute money box. This image of the money saving box is designed just like a cat, because we know that cat is a tame and cute animal in children’s mind, so if the money saving box is just like the cat, the children may prefer to put their coins in. And you don't need to break the box, because as long as you put the coin on the fish dish, the cat money box will help you to grab the coin into the box. And if unfortunately, you fail to put the coin on the fish dish, you just need to remove the bottom stopper to allow easy access to the coins inside. The box, the head and the foot of the money saving box are all made of ABS plastics, so even though you happen to pull the money saving box on the floor, the cat will still be alive. In fact, the purpose of our building the money saving box is not to store money, but to teach the little children that they should build a consciousness that saving is our virtue. If you can save in the daily life, it shows us that you are a person who has high morality and better educated than other kids. On the contrary, if you do not save the daily things, it shows us that you do not care the hard word of the great labors. So if you buy a money saving box to your kid and tell them about this consciousness, then I believe that they will be more and more mature. Kids' savings are not much money. The value of saving is basically important as it is a good guide for kids to know importance of saving and help kids to build such good habit. When kids are growing up to be adults one day they will know importance of saving but not keeping consume credit card. Of course many parents know importance of such saving habit. They just don't know how to guide kids to do so. Our other kind of saving box like dog money box could be a very useful and also acceptable birthday gift to kids. Throwing coins in turns to be a very interesting routine task for kids. Day by day kids will not not able to leave such money box. Then great parents you are successful!

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