Thursday, May 10, 2012

Avast- TOP 1 great killer of android OS virus

With popularity of smart phones and android tablet virus has gradually emerged into the mobile phones and Tablet PC or even more portable devices. Previously we only meet virus in computer PC. It has been confirmed that a variety of virus has attacked android tablet PCs. And these virus are growing in a unbelievable fast way.

Avast is a security software comes from the Czech Republic. Currently it ranks the first place in the world's the android OS antivirus software. Avast takes more stringent data protection of portable devices. The software has different versions. There are Home Edition, Professional Edition, Special Edition of the home network, and Server Edition for Linux and Mac design version and so on. It has powerful real-time monitoring. Home edition is a completely free version. This edition is the most frequently used one among millions of thousands of users. It has seven protection modules: network protection, the standard protection, web protection, instant messaging protection, Internet e-mail protection, P2P protection, behavioral protection. Users need to have a free registration once a year.

In the past two years, Apple iPad lead the tablet PC market. Under impact of users common  habit some manufacturers also introduced tablet PC with phone function. Avast can perfectly support this additional function.
There are reasonable advantages which makes Avast be the first popular antivirus software for Android. It has following features;

Beautiful interface
User interface is quite beautiful. Users can choose a personal like interface. It does not look dull as other antivirus softwares. Moreover you can create a personalized avast for 4.8 version or earlier. The updated 5.0 version or later remove this function and focus more on anti virus operations.

Good compatibility
Avast has a good system compatibility. It supports all major operating systems. It received the 2005 ICA Laboratory Accreditation Microsoft stability certification and will not cause unnecessary trouble to your system. Avast 4 (Professional and Home Edition) is the world's first perfect support for the latest Microsoft WINDOWS VISTA operating system. It has ever been one of the recommended antivirus software to Vista security by Microsoft.

Powerful virus fighting capabilities
With advanced anti-virus engine and modular architecture, the core of its engine works friendly with many of the client program or Plug-in. It not only kill a large number of known Trojan viruses. It also scan and prevent many unknown or variants of the virus. Avast win lots of international testing certifications, including the famous West Coast Labs certification, the most authoritative in the world to kill soft VB100% test and the AV-Comparatives test. PC, smart phones or android tablets are under protection by this antivirus software. We no need to worry.

System monitoring capabilities
Monitoring is same important as virus killing. 7 protection modules carry real-time network firewall protection, the standard local file read protection, web protection, instant messaging software protection, mail transceivers protection, P2P software protection, script protection, behavioral protection, and automatic sandbox. You can effectively intercept the page malicious script. From 6.0 free version also provides script protection. It has a unique mode of silence when a virus is found affection will be automatically disconnected from the infected web site, you can effectively prevent the virus from the Internet invasion.

Reasonable resource consumption
Avast is powerful but it takes up very little capacity. Even if the full 7 protection modules are open the system just occupy less than 20M memory. It will never slow down the computer running speed. It even takes smaller resource consumption the Eset Nod32 Smart Security 4.2. Avast does not require high standard of computer configuration. Low configured system can also run it in a fast and smooth way.

Easy update
Avast Home Edition is completely free. As long as the user fill in the information in its pages this register will soon have a 14-month valid Key to run this software. Updating takes very little time and very less registration information is needed. The key is sent to registration email. User directly install and run it. Upgrading runs very quickly. Everything will be done automatically. Also it has auto upgrade button.

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